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ADog: IMF Executive Board Approves Immediate Debt Relief for 25 Countries

April 13, 2020

“This provides grants to our poorest and most vulnerable members to cover their IMF debt obligations for an initial phase over the next six months and will help them channel more of their scarce financial resources towards vital emergency medical and other relief efforts.



Tishwash:   Iraq extends curfew until the beginning of Ramadan

Direct: The Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety in Iraq decided to continue the curfew until the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

The committee will hold a meeting next week preceding the start of the month of Ramadan, to study the issue, decide the details of this month, and be guided by the opinions of the Diwaniya Command Committee 55 and the advisory board, according to Iraq News Agency, “conscious”, today, Wednesday.

The Supreme Committee, headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, discussed, through a television circle, the issues prepared for the agenda, developments in the Corona pandemic and the health situation in Iraq, and the improvement in the numbers of casualties and the proposals and recommendations received from the competent authorities .

The committee decided to provide support for the efforts made by health personnel and contributors to protect the Iraqi people from the Corona virus and to prepare a paper by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to take this decision into effect    .

The committee discussed the continuous efforts to receive stranded Iraqis, navigation procedures that facilitate their return soon and in cooperation between the relevant authorities and take the necessary preventive health measures   .

The Supreme Committee also decided to exclude a number of officials and employees working in the Ministries of Agriculture and Trade from curfews.   link