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Tishwash: An International Report Expects The Recovery Of The Arab Economy In 2021, And Iraq Is At The Forefront

 (.. The International Monetary Fund expected a sharp contraction in the economy during the current year, although he expressed optimism for the recovery of the world’s economies, including Arab, in 2021.
The Fund reduced its expectations for global economic growth this year in light of the uncertainty associated with the spread Corona virus emerging in the world.

In April’s Global Economic Prospects report, the fund said that Coved 19 had caused high and high human costs worldwide, and isolation measures were severely affecting economic activity.

“Assuming that the epidemic will fade in the second half of 2020 and that stimulus measures around the world are effective, we expect global growth in 2021 to rise partly to 5.8%,” said IMF chief economist Geeta Gopinath.

With regard to the Fund’s expectations for the Arab region for the year 2021, the data showed that Iraq will lead the Arab countries in terms of economic growth, as its economy rises next year by 7.2%, after a fall in the current year by 4.7%.

Iraq is ranked second, Algeria, and according to the report, the Algerian economy will grow in 2021 by 6.2%, after a decline in 2020 by 5.2%, and comes in third place, Qatar with growth in 2021 by 5%, after a contraction in 2020 by 4.3%, and then Morocco grew by 4.8%.

As for Saudi Arabia, it will grow in 2021 by 2.9%, to occupy the tenth rank in the ranking of Arab countries in terms of growth.  link