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Tishwash: Parliamentary Economy: The government does not intend to borrow abroad to solve the financial crisis

The Parliamentary Commission on Economy and Investment confirmed on Saturday that the Iraqi government has no intention of borrowing abroad to solve the financial crisis and secure employee salaries.

Committee member Mithaq Ibrahim said in a statement to “Information”, that “the government is able to avoid the financial crisis at the present time by using internal loans or activating some resources”, pointing out that “activating the industry and agriculture can fill the financial losses due to the collapse of oil.”

She added, “The government has a responsibility to search for other alternatives to move away from total dependence on oil revenues,” noting that “the government does not intend for the time being to go towards external borrowing to solve the financial crisis it is going through to secure the salaries of employees.”

She noted that “the salaries of employees will be fully secured for the current month,” explaining that “the financial crisis may be observed directly during the next month in the event that oil prices continue to fall.”   link