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Saturday UPDATE for May 2, 2020

·  Iraqi news reports that the US will monitor Al-Kazemi’s work during his leadership of his country from the angle of what he can do to achieve a limit of independence from Iranian influence, and accordingly determine the amount of support he deserves to carry out his difficult tasks in overcoming political and economic crises in addition to the complex social and security challenges facing Iraq.

·  Iraqi TV reported in a breaking news, citing sources, that the voting session for the new Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi will take place on Monday.

·  Al-Kazemi has sent the full ministerial formation to the House of Representatives, explaining that the names of the candidates for the cabinet will be sent, within the constitutional period.

·  Shiite blocs have given Al-Kazemi the green light to present his program and his government to Parliament and the request for a special confidence-granting session.

·  The Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Al-Halbousi, directed the members of the Council to be in Baghdad next Monday, expecting to hold a session to vote on the cabinet booth this week.

Fullsail:  We have planted rv seeds in our own gardens, watered them everyday, kept the negative weeds out as much as we can, tended these gardens with focus, Faith, and patients, hoping that this spring, flowers, fruit and veggies bountiful enough to feed ourselves and more importantly feed the world. Blessings go to all the farmers that recognized this opportunity and took action to create such abundance to help many.


Tishwash: The Website Of The Iraq Stock Exchange Has Stopped Working

 The website of the Iraq Stock Exchange stopped working today and during the past days.

 Today, Sunday, Al-Mustaqila correspondent said that he tried to enter the market’s website, but his efforts were unsuccessful, stressing that he tried to enter for the purpose of extracting information about the banking sector.

 He added that the site has been out of operation since last Thursday.

 It is mentioned that most of the websites of state institutions are either not working or they do not meet the technical requirements for the operation of websites.   link