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Tishwash: Economist: Iraq is about to shake if the salaries of the employees are not resolved

The economic expert, Majed Al-Suri, warned on Tuesday against the consequences of not finding final solutions for the employees ’salaries, indicating that the continuation of the crisis will lead Iraq to a political and social jolt that cannot be praised ..

The picture said in a statement to the” information “that” the continued threat of citizens With their daily strength, and waving from time to time, withholding salaries, increases internal crises.
He added, “Unemployment rates will double from 45 percent by withdrawing estimates to unprecedented levels and leading to political and social disasters and tremors that can never be controlled.”

Al-Suri continued, “The solutions currently proposed are Iraq’s reliance on internal borrowing, and in the case of heading to external borrowing, dozens of conditions will be before the government before granting loans, which increases the delay in solutions at the required time.” He called on the government to “side those crises as much as possible.”  link

Cutebwoy:  A deputy announces the completion of the ministerial cabinet .. He expects next Wednesday, a date for submission to the house of Representatives

05/19/2020 10:35

Baghdad / Obelisk: Member of the Saeron Alliance, Mudher Al-Salman, confirmed on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has completed the ministerial cabinet and will present it to the House of Representatives for voting next Wednesday or Thursday.

Al-Salman said in a press statement, that the Prime Minister informed the political blocs informally of completing the file of candidates for vacant ministries, likely, presenting them to the House of Representatives on the next Wednesday or Thursday.

He added that the House of Representatives will vote on the remainder of the ministerial booth this week, pointing out that the Presidency of the House of Representatives did not specify the dates of the voting session for the rest of the government booth until this moment.

Al-Salman added that the Prime Minister is going to send a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to set the date for the next session to vote on the ministerial cabinet, stressing that all seven vacant ministries will be decided.