In Dinar Guru Updates, TNT

Grlews2000:  Was just made aware the Minister of Financial and the Prime Minister initiated an Executive Order to the Central Bank of Iraq to implement, launch and regain international status for Iraqi ASAP; trying to find the evidence for myself.

RVAlready:  Hope ASAP means this week!!!

Grlews2000:  International rates changes on 1st & 15th of each month, so I hope June 1st Iraqi is international for all to see and behold its glory!   I believe to be fair and impartial, we all go at the same time. Do I believe some have money in their accounts, yes but I don’t believe its liquid; again all at the same time.

Annie68:  That would put us in Tony’s window of by the 15th!

Grlews2000:  Annie68: I hope by June 1st and maybe June 15th is the backwall date; I feel it coming that’s for sure!