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Tishwash: In the video, Iraq needs 7 trillion a month to pay salaries

The economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stressed that Iraq needs seven trillion dinars per month to pay the salaries of employees, noting that the monthly budget deficit is four trillion and half a trillion Iraqi dinars.

Since the economic crisis began at the end of last year, it has lost Iraq About two thirds of the value, and the attendant decline in world prices.

According to the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Mohammed Saleh, Need Iraq Currently to about 7 trillion dinars per month to cover the expenses of salaries, suspended companies, pensioners ’wages, social welfare, drug purchases and the payment of internal and external debt services, knowing that Iraq Currently, two intervals are issued four million barrels per day, while the value of oil sales for the month of May last amounted to two billion and four hundred million dollars only, thus the monthly deficit is four trillion and half a trillion Iraqi dinars.

As for the cost of extracting oil, it is ten and a half dollars, to be paid to oil companies operating in the fields of the center and south, but it is paid as crude oil deducted from the share Iraq For oil exports.

Iraq He has not yet announced his plans to save the exhausted economy, but the government’s approach to tackling the fiscal deficit includes tackling double salaries, as economic sources indicate that the Council of Ministers intends to prepare a new salary scale that can be sent to Parliament for approval within three to four months, with a fiscal space for Iraq For internal, external and internal borrowing

However, it appears that these government measures have met with objections from some segments of society.

Where a group that called itself the supporters of the Mujahedeen of Rafha, cut off a road Basra International express with Nasiriyah, Toward Baghdad, Because they refused the Iraqi government to withhold the allocations of what is known as the Rafha salaries, and this comes at a time when the demonstrators prevented gas cars, gasoline, foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits from entering the governorate Basra.  link