In TNT

Chicago:  I live in the Chicago suburbs, and Chase is no longer selling VND here either. Does not come up on their screens here either.

Gentlewind:  Hi everybody! I went to Chase today Georgia and VND is no longer on their list here either. Hmmmmm.

Briona:  My Chase got it’s Dong from another bank, maybe their supplier is running short for some reason. I imagine after all these years that there is a ton of Dong being withheld from circulation by investors.

Eccle519:  Just know when Dong and Dinar are not permitted to be sold anymore would be a very good indication they’re about to revalue. I want to see folks get the currency but more I want it to revalue!

Dinara:  Just remember, in the past the reasons for delays have always been in our best interest. We are more or less bystanders in a Global Currency Reset.