In TNT

TotallyBlessed:  This is NOT meant to start rumors but someone who’s been here a while, help me remember. Didn’t Tony say a long time ago that they expected the sale of the currency to end a few days in advance of a rate change? Or did I imagine that.

Rogue:  imagine…. it would be a very big telltale….

Lobodeiro: Totally, it’s been said days, weeks, and hours. Any of them could be right. But if this goes to October to right before the election I would not be shocked

RVAlready:  With Iraq in miserable economic shape, I think the RV will be sooner than later. I would think that October would be pretty disastrous for them.

CharlieOK:  Come on rv. IMO It is beyond obvious that IRAQ IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THIS. Hmmm. If that is true, it is also obvious that one should concentrate on the gcr NOT the rv….. Keep your eye on the gcr. The only thing Iraq has to do with anything (and they’ll probably screw that up) IS RVING THEY’RE OWN CURRENCY…