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Pearle:  I hope this is our month

Billnmas:  Pearle I will be very surprised if this is not our month…..If this is not our month you are going to see literal panic coming out of Iraq needing about 4 billion$ to pay bills

Billnmas:  Keys to look for next week are more agreements globally for international trade and I would like to see capitulation of any sort from the Chinese on trade or currency….. we could all see Iraq was stealing money for years on the auctions. Auctions have been changed and cancelled recently. There is no monetary advantage for Iraq to keep a program rate! When they are told its time it will be time!!!

Buckeyefan:  It seems like the world needs this. Jobs etc not into all the other stuff but something has to give

Billnmas:  If Iraq revalues it will begin its climb to Saudi Arabia status and if it doesn’t revalue it will continue its downfall to Venezuela

Billnmas:  I’m not playing games!!! This is gonna go and we need to be ready!!!  Businesses all over are needing capital, partners or restructuring and we as dinar holders will be there to rebuild and stimulate the US…. I am stoked about where this is going

Cutebwoy:  Finance Minister: International Monetary expressed willingness to support Iraq and discussions next week

June 12, 2020

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Alawi, announced positive discussions between the Emergency Cell for Financial Reform and the International Monetary Fund.

Allawi said that “the IMF has indicated its willingness to provide support to Iraq and the Iraqi team will follow up with the fund discussions next week.”
Ammar Al-Masoudi finished

TP40:  Why is everything next week….

Fitzgerald:  Yes why????????

CandyKisses:  Their mode of operation is putting things off.

LifeBPerfect:  I get what you’re saying ….However, this came out on Friday. So … next week … which starts Sunday … Maybe … right before Father’s Day … as Tony indicated on Friday’s call.