In TNT

Bluelingo:  Just for any one who don’t have Netflix you can also find the Documentary Tony mentioned on the call “Dirty Money” on You Tube. Yes with a few ads.

Eccle519:  did you notice the Digital Bank signs in the Zimbabwe video? Cash is dissappearing after a final cash-in, reset of paper currency is implemented. All this foreign currency being spread over the world must be part of the reset and redistribution of wealth including (possibly) the Zim dollars but that does seem far fetched due to the condition of that country. (all imo)

Mimirose:  So0000 Excited….Just went to my Chase bank where I’ve been buying dong. Just bought some there last week. NOT on the screen. NOT selling. Whoopeee!!!!!  She checked, took longer than usual, came back to the window (we were at drivethrough) and said “give me a minute, I’m still looking” then came back and just said it wasn’t on the screen and didn’t know why. I told her I thought I knew why, that it was about to revalue, LOL

Speedy:  I have Wells Fargo online Banking, a few days ago I could purchase Dong online, but checked last night and it is not even listed there anymore !!!

Saltair:  It seems like ALL the currency has dried up! Mulla mulla mulla coming our way?

RVAlready:  All seems like expected near -end events. I can’t say for sure, but I would dry up the supply before I hit the RV button. Seems sensible.