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Tishwash: Parliamentary Finance: Internal borrowing will be settled within 48 hours

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad Mazhar Al-Jubouri confirmed Thursday that internal borrowing will be settled within 48 hours.

Al-Jubouri said in an interview with “Information”, “After yesterday’s vote on the borrowing law, and determined the amount of money that must be borrowed, the government has already started to implement the contents of the law, especially regarding internal borrowing, stressing that the matter is not complicated and will be authorized within 48 hours ”

Al-Jubouri added, “The salaries of state employees will not be late in their payment and will be instructed soon to the Ministry of Finance to launch them after the borrowing law secured the provision of financial liquidity, pointing out that many countries and financial institutions have expressed their willingness to lend Iraq to get out of the current crisis.”

Al-Jubouri pointed out that “the current Iraq crisis , despite its seriousness, but it gave attention to the government in the necessity of reform and addressing the file of looting of public money and the excesses involved in its internal revenues, especially borders, customs, ports, taxes and levies that could constitute a difficult number in the state treasury.”    link