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Tishwash:  The central bank signs a memorandum of cooperation with the Securities Commission

The Central Bank of Iraq signed this morning, Tuesday, a memorandum of cooperation with the Securities Commission.

The bank said in a statement received by “Baghdad Times”, that “the memo included the possibility of exchanging the information available and available with the Central Bank and the Securities Commission, in addition to coordination in the field of legislation and regulatory and regulatory standards for bodies subject to the control of both parties.  link

Cutebwoy:  Parliamentary finance reveals the amount the state spends every month on double salaries and space

July 7, 2020

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Parliamentary Finance Committee affirmed, on Tuesday, that space and double-salaries cost the state up to two billion dollars a month.

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Jamal Kujer said, in a statement to government media, that “the government faces great challenges if it wants to start with its reform steps, as it started with double salaries, and it must start controlling the border outlets and confine arms to the state, and these are important matters to attract investments.” Noting that “aliens and dual-salaries cost the state about two billion dollars a month, forcing it to secure 5.5 billion dollars a month for salaries only.”

He added, “Parliament has set 60 days for the government to present its reforms in which it needs the support of parliament, and the only obstacle that can hinder its steps is the presence of people and parties who do not want the government to proceed with reforms, so it must request the support of Parliament in its reform steps, which are The best opportunity to prove to the people and the authority that it came to the reforms. ”

He continued, “The Prime Minister started with double salaries and aliens, and now he will proceed with the reform of the ports file, which has begun to take shape, and we hope that this file will be completed because it is essential.

And the expulsion of aliens and the unification of salaries with one salary, will reduce about 2 billion dollars per month, and the government will have to secure 3 and a half billion dollars in salaries. ”


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