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Weekend UPDATE for July 18-19, 2020


Today Iraq was blacklisted by the European Union due to money laundering and corruption that still exists. This will can become a big problem for Iraq to gain any international status being on this list.

The US saying there’s no time set for PM Al- Kadhimi to visit and today Al-Kadhimi is saying it is due to the virus and Trump’s schedule.


Doc:  Ok, does anyone think that Iraq really wants to RV and get back to being part of the world economy?

Briona:  Why would they want to stay where they are now.

Pearle:  those that are profiting from the status quo

Briona:  Those profiting are the ones in the cross hairs…. Now all they have to do is pull the trigger.

KeithN:  What a beautiful day for the RV announcement…that would put us in Exchange centers tomorrow:):):)