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Truckerbabr67: Interesting call with my Credit Union

I just called my credit union to ask about a letter i received in mail about last month credit card payment stating showing my payment is late? ( my bill is always due on the 20th )

But saying if already paid ignore this ? & as i was having to call for other banking biz anyways & explained i did pay on time? & asked her why they sent that letter out?

Because they never have sent that out before?

She explained it was because they changed over to a new banking system???

That really got my attn?!!! Because i have been hearing about the banks changing from swift to the QFS & would happen right before the RV / GCR ?

Anyways might not mean anything but it really got my attn.

Tishwash:  Iraq: Disclosure of a shocking number for the amount of money smuggled abroad and an expert proposes a “deal” to recover

The economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, revealed today, Monday, the amount of money smuggled abroad that divides between laundering and illegal operations estimated at at least $ 250 .billion, while stressing that the process of recovering it is risky and requires an international effort

Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani said, in a televised statement I followed (Baghdad Today), “The endeavor to amend the Financial Management Law is not useful, because it was modified at the end of last year to allow the government to work in the absence of a budget by disbursing funds in the base of 1/12, that is, the monthly disbursement of funds According to the nearest budget approved to .proceed with investment projects for which amounts will be disbursed later

Al-Mashhadani added, “Any new amendment will weaken the role of the government and the Ministry of Finance in passing its budgets in general because the government cannot operate without a budget, and also a parliament that will not be able to monitor achievement rates without adopting a plan or budget,” noting that “failure to approve a state budget In 2014, he overshadowed the ” .performance of the Ministry of Finance since that day

He continued: “A budget must be organized in actual disbursement from January 2020 until July, to which estimates are added to the total budget. According to my estimate, it should be in the range of 65 trillion dinars to cover operating expenses and even the deficit will coincide with the deficit rate specified in the Financial Management Law,” noting that “oil prices Stable at about $ 40 a barrel, and it is assumed that its price in the budget will be set at $ 35, and here the gates of exchange will be .clear until the end of the year

And on the money smuggled outside Iraq, the economist said, “The money smuggled abroad is estimated between money laundering and illegal operations estimated at the limits of at least 250 billion dollars and may reach 350 billion and it is present in the Arab neighboring countries as well as “.many countries of the world

And on the possibility of recovering the smuggled money, he stressed that “the recovery of those funds is risky and requires an international effort and cooperation with international organizations, as well as cooperation with international offices for research and investigation to find these funds and “.then return them, and the matter needs at least five years

The economist pointed out that “the state of Morocco carried out an experiment in which the smugglers of money smuggled in to drop claims against them in exchange for returning half or one third of that money, and this matter is faster than research and investigation and assigning “.authorities to follow up because the matter may extend for years   link