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Tishwash:  The explosions hit Iraq .. Two explosions are heard near the Green Zone in Baghdad .. Iraqi media: Continued explosions

The explosions hit Iraq .. Two explosions are heard near the Green Zone in Baghdad .. Iraqi media: Continued explosions inside Saqr camp and the rise of columns of smoke .. Turkish raids targeting sites of the PKK in Dohuk

A series of bombings are taking place in Iraq, while Turkey continues to direct raids against targets in northern Iraq. In this context, Al Arabiya TV reported, in urgent news, that two explosions were heard near the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, and before that the Joint Operations Command in Iraq confirmed Recently, the Green Zone in Baghdad was hit by three mortar shells .

The Iraqi media confirmed that the explosions continued in Saqr camp and that smoke plumes rose, and smoke plumes also rose near one of the camps in Abu Dsheer area, in the Al-Dora area in Baghdad.

The Green Zone in Baghdad witnesses, from time to time, many explosions, which are often the result of bombing by missiles, while the security authorities in Iraq seek to impose full security control over this area, and work quickly to track the source of these missiles.

An Iraqi security source announced today, Sunday, that an explosion occurred in the Al-Saqr camp near the Dora area, which includes the federal police and the popular crowd.

As Russia’s website explained today, an explosion rocked the Al-Saqr camp in the Dora area, south of the capital, Baghdad, as the explosion occurred near the Dora area, south of Baghdad, inside a camp .

An Iraqi security source indicated that pieces of the “17th Division” in the Iraqi army reached the “Falcon Camp ” , as the camp that witnessed the sounds of the explosions is the “Falcon Camp” in the Dora area, south of Baghdad, in which the federal police forces and forces from the popular crowd are located. , Pointing out that the camp was subjected to unknown bombardment in earlier times.

A source in the popular crowd said that the camp was bombed by unknown aircraft, likely to be an American, and the government security media cell confirmed the explosions, and said in a brief statement: “At forty-four minutes after this afternoon, two successive explosions occurred in the Saidiya area near the Hilla highway – Baghdad. Specifically at the base of the falcon, “explaining that it will publish the details at a later time .

As Turkey continues to violate Iraqi sovereignty, Turkish raids targeted PKK positions in Dohuk, Iraq, and before that, the leadership of the Federal Police Forces in Iraq announced within a sector that boycotted its responsibility in the operations of the heroes of the fourth stage, enabling them to destroy a tunnel, three dens and an explosive device, while it opened Four streets, we call it at the depth of the orchards, which are (Al-Mkhisa, Abu Karma and Al-Kubbah), and the villages of Abu Karmah – Al-Mkhisa – Al-Kubbah were searched .

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced today, Sunday, the launching of the fourth phase of the Operation Heroes of Iraq military operation in Diyala Governorate, east of BaghdadTo pursue the cells of the terrorist organization “ISIS” .

Prior to that, the Popular Mobilization Organization in Iraq announced that its forces had responded to an attack launched by the “ISISorganization in the Great Sector northwest of Diyala Governorate. According to the Russia Today website, the Popular Mobilization Authority in Iraq announced that the 23rd Brigade forces responded this evening to a violent attack launched by the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization in The dead area within the Great Sector northwest of Diyala .

The Popular Mobilization Organization in Iraq added that the Brigade 23 forces of the Popular Mobilization responded to the attack from more than one axis, pointing to the exposure that is still continuing   link


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