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MRiles:  Bank story on Open Mic……A member has a friend whose mother that is a high-level manager at a bank. He said last week that his mother told him that she is doing a lot of training in preparation for a major exchange that will be taking place this week.

He talked to the guy again this morning and his mother is on the way to Washington DC to oversee the transition of money for the exchange that will be taking place in the next few days.

He also text him a picture of a pallet of $100 bills and said this is what 1 million dollars looks like. She said this is new bills coming from the UST in preparation for this exchange event. This validates what Tony said on the call today.

Eccle519:  …All is alligning and I don’t mean stars and planets lol

MudPilot:  are their banks exchanging Zim as of this date?? Tks much

JudiblueEyes:  The select people that were called in with existing bank contacts it has been told have exchanged zim. We will see. There are few surprises left in life maybe this is one of them.

Eccle519:  If you think about it, it sounds like banks don’t want mass hysteria from Dinar/Dong holders to invade their banks and I agree. That’s why to me it’s starting to sound like private exchanges will continue and yes, the 800# for appointments do make sense

Tishwash:  Financial expert: Advanced technology is necessary to develop the banking system

An expert in the financial affairs, Wehbe Al-Khaffaf, stressed the importance of advanced systems in raising the efficiency of the banking system and enabling it to deal with the large numbers required by the Iraqi economy’s driver during the coming period.

Al-Khaffaf said that adopting advanced technology and following up on the latest developments in the global financial sector is necessary to enhance financial products with the new that suits the reality of the family’s situation.

He pointed out that Iraq has a good banking system and is expanding in an organized manner and under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq, which directs banks in a direction that serves the sustainable development process required by the development stage.

He pointed out that many banks are continuously looking to enhance their technological capabilities, including the International Islamic Trust Bank, which adopts a plan to develop its systems and what suits global developments and directives of the Central.   link