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Sunday update for August 9, 2020

The Economic File will be the largest file PM Al-Kadhimi discusses with Pres. Trump in Washington on August 20.

The Iraqi news is saying they are hoping great successes from the meeting in Washington.

Thousands of protestors have blocked all entrances to the green zone and demanding their rights. They are now saying that Al-Kadhimi needs to do the economic reforms now!

Alf:  don’t be surprised if the PM goes to the UN to make the announcement to the world.

Hosackr:  We have always known this wouldn’t happen til the people rise up and forced the issue. It sounds like maybe we are finally there. Think of what a powerful economic stimulus this will be. Trump has maybe been holding this ace in his pocket for just such a situation. This could solve most if not all of our current economic problems within 30 days of authorization. So, let’s do it!