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Tishwash: Parliamentary Finance calls on the government to present its reform paper, and this August 24 deadline

Parliamentary Finance Committee explained that the government’s deadline to present its reform paper that it promised ends on the 24th of this month, and therefore it is bound by this date, and despite the absence of any indications from the government in this regard, the Parliament has prepared a reform paper to be added to the government’s paper to help it achieve Promote the country’s economy.

The reporter of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed that “the government is supposed to present its reform paper to parliament, and that an extraordinary session will be held within the next two weeks.”

Al-Saffar said, “The Finance Committee is working on a reform paper, and it is assumed that there will be a meeting with the government to unify the two papers and come up with a reform paper that promotes the economy, maximizes revenues and guides expenditures to get rid of loans, as the state can properly control its resources.”   link

Tishwash:   A series of explosions targeting the American army at the Jericho port, between Iraq and Kuwait

Media sources reported, on Tuesday, that the American forces had been targeting the border area between Iraq and Kuwait, indicating that the target point was intended for the passage of logistical materials for the American army.

The sources said, “A series of IEDs targeted a military residence site for the US army in the border area between Iraq and Kuwait, and

added that” the target point is for the passage of logistical materials for the US army. ”  link