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Billnmas: China may be the 800 pound gorilla in the room… name another country that tried cheating interationally with billions of fake gold?   I’m watching Taiwan and Hong Kong very closely… google what countries have a swap with the US and you will see what we have going on…. 14 most powerful countries in the world are involved with the swaps and look which ones have had new policies with the US

Briona:  China is really hurting this year in the food department. I just read that they are having devastating floods in their rice fields and droughts in their wheat and corn fields…. No matter how much they may not want to buy it from us, they will have no choice.

Billnmas:  just think about a country who 6 years ago tried to take over the entire global banking system getting caught with billions in fake gold??  Any idea of the scope of that statement?

Billnmas:  remember 4 months ago china had a deal with Iraq that was gong to be implemented in 2 years? do you really think that deal was going to go through and what would possibly happen in 2 years dif than today?

Briona:  Didn’t Tony say that any deal with Iraq has to go through the US?

Billnmas:  briona yes and thats why the deal was supposed to start in 2 years ….. I know everyone says Iraq controls their exchange but really look at the global control of assets!!!!! China is being put in a box. they are very powerful with assets but not if put up against a conglomerate of 35 of the greatest economies in the world….. watch the swaps!!!

Billnmas:  look at how powerful opec was for decades. Now look at the top 35 countries economies combining into an asset backed system that will make opec look like kiddos on a play ground!!!

Briona:  It does help that we are now energy independent, not held in the grasp of OPEC.

Billnmas:  Briona great point but who controlled opec? The petrol dollar controlled opec and who controlled the petro dollar and now you know who made you pay a 150% premium on the price of your gasoline for most of the last 3 presidents… every penny gasoline is raised is around $1 billion a year just in the United States of America. Globally it is much more.

Billnmas:  If the gas is manipulated to a price of $4. on average across the country that is almost $200 billion per year robbed just in the US. George Bush Jr had the price of gas well over $4…. I can prove it……….how many times in the last 20 years have you tried to buy gas for your car and not been able to get it. With exceptions for hurricanes and natural disasters

RVAlready:  That is why Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq. Great profits at low extraction cost.

Ify:  Quote: “War and plunder are two reliable sources of income” … for governments and corporations.

Briona: And the Deep State

RVAlready:  Now, we all need a GCR

Tishwash:  Iraqi coalition: America does not want to withdraw from Iraq without achieving its commercial and economic goals

The deputy of the Iraqi coalition, Salem Tuhimer, said Thursday that the new US strategy towards Iraq seeks to ensure a longer stay in the country.

“The United States of America is using the strategy of maneuver to secure its interests for a longer period in Iraq , ” Tohimer said , stressing that “Washington does not want to leave Iraq without achieving its commercial and investment goals.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi people reject the American presence and expect the negotiator to remove these forces as soon as possible.”

The Supreme Commander of US forces in the Middle East, General Kenneth Mackenzie, announced that US troop levels in Iraq and Syria will likely decrease in the coming months, but he indicated that he has not yet received orders to start withdrawing forces.   link