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Astroday2:  Wow! This is on the front page on UPDATE “Due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Travelex has made the difficult decision to close our online and retail operations and cease trading in the United States and Canada. These are unprecedented times and despite our efforts to preserve the business, the existing and anticipated future impact of COVID-19 has proven too challenging.”

Astroday2:  The hopium side of me thinks this is a good enough reason to shut down temporarily for a Reset! As alway, ,time will tell.

Locofelipe:  That is big news…. really big

Mobius:  US Bank uses traveled for foreign currency services, no longer available!

Speedy:  Travelex closing, that is great news!  Do you really think it is because of COVID?

Ify:  nice cover story

Mobius:  they could be open faster than an exchange center, watch and see !

OldManof the River: Let’s hope this is a sign of the RV coming very soon.

R2D2:  Travelex doesn’t exist just for Dinarians, they exchange currency for travelers. We own a travel agency, if people can’t travel they don’t to exchange currency. Our company is not far behind them. It’s not about Dinar and Dong, it’s about 200+ other currencies.

Tishwash:  Deputy: Parliament will hold a session next week to discuss four “important and urgent” files

Representative Nada Shaker Jawdat announced today, Friday, that Parliament will hold a session next week, for the purpose of discussing four “important and urgent” files.

Jawdat said, “The House of Representatives will hold its session next week to discuss four important and urgent files, the first of which is the issue of the recent serious Turkish attacks on Iraq, and the discussion of the economic reform paper file, which Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is supposed to present, after Parliament approved internal and external borrowing.” .

She explained, “The third file is the completion of voting on the election law,” noting that “approximately 90 percent of the election law has been resolved, and the remainder is only related to electoral districts, especially since disputes are still going on.”

Jawdat added that “the fourth file is to amend the Federal Court Law, for the purpose of re-activating the court’s work. It is now suspended due to the lack of a quorum in it.”   link


Tishwash:  Abdul Latif: The Kuwait Donor Conference is a lie, and during it Iraq paid a heavy price

Judge and former deputy Wael Abdel-Latif, on Thursday, considered the Kuwait donor conference that it was the biggest lie in the history of Iraq , indicating that the Kuwaiti side had set it up to take a large price and Iraq paid a compelling price.

” Iraq was deceived by the Kuwait Donors Conference, and we warned against setting it up, and we said behind it another matter that Iraq will lose , and our voice was not heard, ” Abdul Latif told “the information “.

He added, “Until now, Iraq has not received a single dinar from the Kuwait Donor Conference,” noting that “Kuwait, through the conference, took the last signatures of the map line between Iraq and Kuwait and deposited them with the United Nations to confirm what it seized from Iraqi lands at the United Nations.”

Abdul Latif explained that “the history of 7 major violations was recorded between Iraq and Kuwait, during which Iraq lost hundreds of kilometers from its borders in favor of Kuwait.” link