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Tishwash:  A crowded schedule for the Iraqi delegation in Washington … and an official: our reception was ‘exceptional’

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi arrived with the accompanying delegation to Washington, DC.

According to the delegation, tomorrow morning (Baghdad time) will witness a series of meetings that will focus on the economic side, including a meeting with a large number of major companies and economic institutions on the reconstruction of Iraq.

Officials in the delegation say that contracts will be signed with major companies at the level of gas, oil and electricity, in the presence of the ministers of oil, electricity and finance.

Al-Kazemi will also hold a session with American economic institutions, and start the second round of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States, the first of which took place via videoconference on June 12.

Al-Kazemi is also holding a meeting with a number of American research centers.

On Thursday morning Washington time (August 20, 2020), Al-Kazemi will meet US President Donald Trump for an initial one-hour session.

The Iraqi delegation received a reception that was described as ‘exceptional’, as a large number of streets in the American capital were closed.    link


BigLou423:  Hope everyone is ready for the RV to happen today. Because when it happens it will be “today”. It won’t be tomorrow because that never gets here and yesterday blew past. So today is the day, it’s the present we have been given!