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Thursday UPDATE for September 10, 2020

Iraqi TV is stating that the economic and financial reform papers will be presented to Parliament at the end of September.

PM Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Kurdistan was a key factor in relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad.


Briona:  It is confusing the way the banks are expecting this any time, and actions in Iraq say something else.

TeamD:  bankers have to have the patience of Job to show up for exchanging and so far it hasnt happened

Luvmyboys:  why would the UST tell the banks to have their employees at the ready for days when it seems we are waiting on Iraq to do something…I don’t understand any of this

Cutebwoy:  REMEMBER reform paper if and when presented to parliament it will have to be reviewed ,decussed and voted on and this is corrupt iraq we talking about who is in no hurry to get anything done… IMO

RVALready:  I think Kazemi intends to bypass parliament on the RV, as they are mostly corrupt. He will send them a copy of the white paper to read, but that is all the power they will get. They will be voted out of office next year, and many arrested for corruption. IMO.

TishwashPositive signs to solve the problems of Baghdad and Erbil .. Kurdistan is ready to agree on three files

The Kurdish delegation concluded its negotiations in Baghdad on the outstanding issues. Meanwhile, Kurdistan expressed its willingness to agree on three files.

“The meetings of the regional government delegation headed by the deputy prime minister of the region, Qubad Talabani, with the ministers of oil, finance and electricity in the federal government have ended, and the delegation has returned to Arbil,” said the spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Samir Hawrami, in an interview with government media.

He added, “Talabani assured the federal government of the region’s readiness to agree on oil resources and the management of border crossings as well as non-oil resources,” noting that “the meetings were generally positive, during which they discussed in detail the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil.”

He explained, “The issues related to the region’s financial dues and how to fix them were discussed in the 2021 budget bill, which the federal government is currently preparing,” stressing that “the meetings will continue by the secondary committees in Baghdad until an appropriate mechanism is reached based on the constitution in order to solve legal problems.” And artistic. ”   link