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Tishwash:   Political Analyst: If Al-Kazemi eliminates corruption, everyone will applaud him out of respect

Political analyst Ali Al-Baidar said that what is being raised about Al-Kazemi’s man (Social Media) is nothing but propaganda to drop his work in the pursuit of the corrupt, while he indicated that all Iraqis will applaud out of respect for his person if he is able to eliminate the corrupt permanently.

Al-Baidar said in a statement that “the operations of striking corruption depend on the seriousness of Al-Kazemi in this matter, and this is what we have seen,” noting that “Al-Kazemi’s campaign may affect former ministers from all the way to the top of the hierarchy of power.”

He added that “what Al-Kazemi is doing is not a media or Facebook review or” media show, “as it is rumored about him, explaining that” if Al-Kazemi continues to eradicate corruption, everyone will applaud him. “

Al-Baidar stressed, “the necessity for Al-Kazemi to move horizontally and vertically in striking the corrupt and the corrupt, and to spread horizontally by striking corruption from the far north to the far south, and to escalate the line to strike corruption by arresting political figures who openly admitted their corruption on the media networks.”

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister pledged in his government program to eradicate corruption permanently, while he set out to form a higher committee for this purpose, and this committee began its work as the director of the Public Pension Fund Ahmed Al-Shaadi and the head of the Baghdad Investment Commission Shaker Al-Zamili were arrested, while leaks indicate that the list is long Others may be arrested.  link

Corey:  a special security force arrested Bahaa Abdul-Hussein, the director of the Qi Card company at the airport,” according to an officer at Baghdad International airport… forces arrested Agricultural Bank Director Adel Khadr in Baghdad…..Security forces also arrested Shaker al-Zamili, who heads the Baghdad Investment Commission

Greyeagle1:  The Arrests for Corruption in Iraq have started. Three more prominant figures today. When will the arrests start in the U.S. ?


Tishwash:  Iraq: The recent arrests are a prelude to broader operations that will target former officials

Leaks revealed that the campaign of the Supreme Committee to investigate major corruption cases will not stop there and will include other moves, and that what happened is a prelude to wider operations that will affect other personalities accused of corruption cases.

The leaks also showed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the committee not to be indifferent to any political or partisan party standing behind those accused of corruption, and also recommends not excluding any person who is proven involved in corruption files of any size.

A security force arrests the head of the Baghdad Investment Commission, the director of the Agricultural Bank, and his son

Informed sources in Baghdad reported that the Anti-Corruption Commission has carried out new arrests of Asmaa, accused of major corruption cases.

In details, the sources said that a security force executed the arrest warrant for the head of the Baghdad Investment Commission, Shakir Al-Zamili, as part of a government campaign to combat corruption.

In the same regard, the sources confirmed the arrest of the director of the Agricultural Bank, Adel Khudair and his son, about ten days before his home in Baghdad, as well as the issuance of arrest warrants against bankers and businessmen accused of corruption.   link