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Cutebwoy:  Procedure for the Central Bank regarding the governor’s signature on the Iraqi currency

September 22, 2020

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, chaired a meeting of the Currency Affairs Committee in this bank on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, in the presence of all members, and stressed the importance of following the context of the official signature on the exported currency “and not using the signature with a name drawing” that was previously approved by the committee in a previous meeting .

The committee also discussed a number of issues and took a number of decisions that would contribute to raising and improving the level of currency management.

Tishwash:  Deputy: 35 trillion dinars are stored with the people who refuse to deposit them in banks

The deputy of the Saeron Alliance, Riyad Al-Masoudi, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the Iraqis are refraining from keeping their money or depositing it in banks for many reasons, noting that more than 35 trillion Iraqi dinars stored with the people refuse to deposit them in banks.

Al-Masoudi said in a statement to / information /, that “the Iraqi government is facing great challenges in providing Iraqi cash to meet the requirements of employees salaries and operating expenses.”

He added, “The previous and current successive Iraqi governments have not succeeded in activating the banking system, as well as the Iraqi citizen’s lack of confidence in banking governance.”

Al-Masoudi explained, “The failure of the governments over 17 years has led to 35 trillion Iraqi dinars and more being stored in homes instead of depositing them in banks.”   link



A member of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, said, on Tuesday, that the 2020 budget needs three weeks to vote on it.

Hama Rashid said, “The budget needs a few days to transfer it to the Finance Committee and then read it for a first reading, and it needs 3 weeks in full for the purpose of passing it.”

And, “the competent authorities in Parliament have not yet seen the numbers in that budget.”link


FullSail:  The end of Sept in 8 days…. I Beleive we are closer to the Finish line than ever before… Praying for resolve… many are in Need and Today would not be Too Soon for me for us ALL to cross that finish line together.


Tishwash:  The ports foil an attempt to smuggle 100,000 dollars at the Baghdad International Airport port

The Border Ports Authority, Baghdad International Airport outlet, announced the seizure of an Iraqi traveler in possession of (100,000) thousand dollars trying to smuggle them out of Iraq on board the flight bound for the State of Qatar.

The authority added in a statement that “the seizure was carried out under the supervision and follow-up of the Search and Investigation Division / Ports Authority, and in cooperation and joint coordination with the customs center and the airport police.”

It indicated that “the traveler and what was seized according to a fundamentalist report were referred to the competent investigating judge to take the necessary legal measures against him.”  link