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Tishwash:  Economic reform in Iraq

Perhaps the main concern for all in Iraq is how to promote the economic reality and economic development that has been long awaited for four decades, due to the absurd wars and then the economic embargo and the debt of Iraq due to the successive Gulf wars, after the sun of freedom was a legitimate hope towards the prospects of advancement, but the delay in development projects, the emergence of the phenomenon of financial corruption, then the pandemic of “Corona” and the consequent resulting in the cessation of economic activity, Iraqi society looks to provide a level of services, as well as in neighbouring countries with educational services, health and various sectors.

Iraq’s topography can be invested in its land from the environment of marshes, agriculture and archaeological tourism, with the capabilities to develop the oil industries in (Basra, Amara, Nasiriyah) and to invest in the Desert of Samawa, which borders Saudi Arabia, while the presence of the holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf makes them a kiss for visitors from all countries of the world if they develop as Saudi Arabia does around the holy city of Mecca or Iran with the holy scene,

Turkey and interest in its religious monuments and Egypt with its Pharaonic civilization, has been transformed into an industrial base after the establishment of electric power plants. And important transportation routes.

The completion of the large strategic port project of Faw, which makes Iraq an important corridor for world trade, is an economic necessity, at a time when economic (industrial-agricultural) reform is facing a state of confusion, and the continuation of Iraqi development is the hope of every future elected government.

Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Shadoud emphasizes in his book “Economic Reform in Iraq between Theory and Practice” on page 25 that the concept of economic reform: (is an expression of policies that make domestic expenditures compatible with available resources by creating a combination of financial, monetary, trade and exchange rate policies to ensure a total domestic demand that adapts the overall supply structure, as well as adopting measures that stimulate the goods and services sector, and adopt partial economic policies that seek to achieve efficiency in the use of resources by removing distortions Prices and enhanced competition, as well as reduced administrative control, resulting in the restoration of internal and external fiscal balance, reduced inflationary pressures and reduced negative impacts leading to improved balance of payments….).

The reform package is reflected in the development of economic performance that reflects on the life of the individual, and the dismantling of the suffocation of the daily life suffered by society. Thus, the dream of the desired economic well-being is realized, if the politician seeks to work carefully for his compatriots, the Iraqi economy is capable of advancing.   link


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