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Tishwash: Iraq seeks to draw a new financial map and demands speedy approval of the 2020 budget

Mubasher: The Parliamentary Finance Committee in Iraq confirmed that the government reform paper will draw a new financial map for the next year.

The committee stressed the need to achieve internal or external borrowing, and to expedite the approval of the 2020 budget to ensure employees’ salaries, citing the Sons of Iraq Agency, “INA”, today, Friday.

Committee member Sadiq Mdloul told the agency: “Approving the 2020 budget as quickly as possible will fulfill many demands, including the salaries of employees, new appointees, free lecturers, covered by Resolution 315, transferred from one ministry to another, first to colleges, and investment projects.”

A member of the committee explained that the government reform paper has a significant impact on the 2021 budget, because it has not been achieved in the 2020 budget, and that the Minister of Finance requested time from the Finance Committee to prepare it, indicating that “the reform paper needs deliberation, study, planning and consultation, in order to deliver a real paper that is approved. It must all the state’s financial institutions, as well as achieve goals in the future and draw a new financial map in 2021. ”   link

Cutebwoy:  With documents and names … Nouri al-Maliki’s gangs control Iraq’s banks and plunder currency auctions to finance Iran and Hezbollah

September 24, 2020

Al Arabiya exposes Iran’s militias controlling the oil money and the “Central Bank”

in a report full of terrifying details, which shows a terrible face of corruption in Iraq and the extent to which Iran’s gangs are able to control the scene in Iraq, and control bank money. A professional investigative report published by Al-Arabiya exposed Iranian men who seized billions of dollars and seized them daily and with the launch of hard currency auctions.

And “Al-Arabiya..Net” revealed in its report, which was re-published by the “Baghdad Post,” because of its great importance.

It seems remarkable the changes that have occurred in high-ranking positions, including that of the governor of the Central Iraqi Council, Ali Al-Alaq, and the appointment of Mustafa Ghaleb as his successor!

This change in a high-level financial position indicates anything, as it indicates the extent of corruption that has permeated the top of the hierarchy of the Iraqi economy and its financial and banking institutions.

The “Al Arabiya” report revealed a large network of Iraqi businessmen and banks that acquired the so-called foreign currency sale window in the Central Bank of Iraq.

So it becomes clear, and with the documents that we will review, that they are shell companies belonging to Iraqi people loyal to Iran that obtain dollars supported by the Iraqi Central Bank under the pretext of importing goods and goods to Iraq.