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Cutebwoy: Tomorrow, the head of integrity reveals new procedures for arresting and bringing in new people accused of corruption

September 27, 2020

Where News _ Baghdad

The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, MP Thabet Muhammad Saeed, revealed, on Sunday, arrest and recruitment procedures that will affect a new number of people accused of corruption on Monday, refusing to reveal those names because the procedures are being conducted in complete secrecy.

Said said in a statement to Ayna News, that “the Anti-Corruption Committee has directed the security and judicial authorities to take legal measures to arrest and bring in a number of people accused of corruption cases,” stressing that “the implementation of arrest and recruitment will take place tomorrow, Monday.”

He added that “all procedures will be conducted in complete secrecy,” indicating that “the Integrity Committee and the Anti-Corruption Committee are conducting high coordination in all files.”

Earlier, Representative Alia Nassif revealed that the Integrity Committee issued a list of a number of defendants today, Sunday, that includes important personalities.