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Tishwash:  Al-Jubouri: The salaries of the retired will be launched within two days

The head of the Parliament’s Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, announced that retirement salaries will be launched for the month of September.

“The salaries of the retired will be launched within the next two days,” Al-Jubouri said in televised statements followed by Al-Iktissad News.

He added that the Ministry of Finance revealed a deficit in the salaries of employees estimated at 20% of the value of the total sums available to the ministry.

He pointed out that the ministry promised to solve this problem by approving the draft budget law for the year 2020 or through internal borrowing from government banks or the Central Bank of Iraq link


Tishwash:  Revenue diversification

Hossein Thaghb

Following successful experiences such as an important step on the road to sustainable development, when there is a sincere will to achieve this lofty goal, which puts Iraq among the adults economically, protects the interests of the country, provides a decent life for the people and guarantees the rights of future generations that will work to complete the path of success.

Iraq cannot be without successful experiences despite the difficult circumstances it is experiencing, and we find successes born out of suffering and under the great challenges and difficulties that the employer may not face in any of the countries of the world, but the strong will achieved ambition or part of it and the wheel is moving despite Difficulties.

In our country it can be said that the cement industry has achieved success under many complex obstacles, but when the will was available, the goals that were set and the national production covered the need of the local market for this important material despite the increased demand, but when the will of the private and public sectors met, self-sufficiency of cement was achieved through local, public and private factories.

This experience, together with the experience of the soft drinks industry of Baghdad company and private companies that fed the local markets with their needs, can stand there and try to benefit from it in other industries, as it is a proof of the ability of local companies to provide the market need of different materials.

From these two experiences, we see that when the public sector supports the private sector and is helping it and protects the local product, success is the successor to any development trend that the country is heading towards.

This important step will achieve great economic feasibility for the country and maintain the paths of the dollar that go towards the world markets for the purpose of importing various goods, 80 percent of which can be manufactured inside Iraq when these amounts are aimed at enhancing production capacity in the industrial and agricultural sectors, and when the national will to succeed is available, the elements of development are available and need to invest that to return Iraq to its true place among the world’s economies.   link