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Tishwash:  A press report reveals Washington’s next step in Iraq: moving the embassy to Erbil …

A press report reveals Washington’s next step in Iraq: moving the embassy to Irbil and running American policy from there

This also means closing or reducing the British and French diplomatic missions

Today, Tuesday, a press report stated that the US government is determined to take irreversible steps in Iraq, through which the administration of US President Donald Trump could change the diplomatic and security reality in this country and impose a new reality through which it deals with Iraqis and Iranians, even if not Trump remains in the White House, the other US president will have to live with this new reality.

A report by, citing diplomatic sources in the American capital, said that the Americans now consider that Al-Kazemi has failed to use his governmental power to confront the Iranian group, as the Iraqi prime minister controls the intelligence apparatus, the anti-terrorist forces, and the Iraqi army, which are huge, experienced and capable apparatuses. He did not use it to strike the militias that continued to threaten the state and diplomatic missions, especially the US.

The report added, citing the same sources, that the White House felt in mid-September that things were not moving quickly in the interest of the Iraqi government, nor were there concrete guarantees on the ground or measures to reassure US President Donald Trump, or prevent any serious attack on American diplomats.

And the report continued, the Americans decided, at the end of the third week, to take measures to protect them on the one hand and express their “shaking hands” from dealing with the Iraqis in Baghdad. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the President of the Iraqi Republic, Barham Salih, and informed him of the US decision, and then he called the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The two contacts have no effect on the US State Department’s statements, officially, but an official at the US State Department said, “We do not comment on the diplomatic talks that are taking place with leaders of foreign countries,” indicating that the Americans are looking “to continue working with Iraqi partners to ensure the security of our employees and facilities “.

This statement seems to indicate that the Americans wait a little before taking the next step, and relate their next step to the success or failure of Mustafa Al-Kazemi to protect the Americans.

But the scenario of “failure” has huge implications, and includes, according to sources in Washington, the closure of the US embassy in Baghdad and its transfer to the Kurdistan region, and the administration of US policy from Erbil instead of Baghdad. Secretary Pompeo informed the Iraqi President and the Prime Minister of Iraq about this.

This also means closing or reducing the rest of the diplomatic missions in Baghdad, such as the British, French, and others, and civilians heading to the Kurdistan Region, where they are not exposed to any threat.

In addition, according to the report, diplomatic sources confirm that the Americans do not intend to withdraw the military from Iraq. Rather, they will keep Ain al-Assad base, which is a “strategic” base for the Americans, from which they support their forces in northeastern Syria, and they will also keep the Erbil base, and they will have no less than 2500 soldiers in Iraq and advanced weapons through which they can cover large areas of Iraq.

According to diplomats in the American capital, this measure will protect American diplomats and employees from the attacks of the Popular Mobilization Forces, and will pave the way for Americans to attack pro-Iranian militias without concern for the safety of American people or facilities.

The report went on to say, but the fears of supporters of Washington and opponents of Iran in the American capital reach a warning that any American exit from Baghdad means that the United States is taking irreversible steps, and it will be part of the Iraqi reality for many years, and it will impose a new nature for US-Iraqi relations governed by the American presence In the Kurdistan Region, not in Baghdad.  link


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