In TNT 

JCNoble: Looks like the can will roll through Oct 1 and keep going.

Yada:  Dont think so jcnoble, the plan is being implemented as we speak and we are the last to see it when it is. Articles released indicate they are deleting the zeros,,now and not down the road

JCNoble:  Hope you are right Yada but this stretching out the time frame each month has gone on for a long time. Time will tell who is correct and I hope its you.

Yada:  It’s not being stretched any further. The release of this RI in Iraq, has the whole world on it’s heals. Especially with the covid event effecting the economies of all the nations. They’ve finally bought in to this a “stimulus” tool to jump start their economies by strengthening their currencies with dinar as an asset to their Central banks. The whole month of AUG, they were doing just that and the deals with Trump and Kazimi helped also

Yada:  If you remember about the first week of September or so, Tony mentioned all the money movements were complete. Other countries were swapping their currencies with Iraq prior to the Ri and when it is released, they each have their reserves as well as Iraq with reserves with other countries. Remember our exchanges with our treasury will not have the dinar going back to Iraq, we are holding it in our reserve account as an asset to our dollar.

Yada:  We come out on top as the other nations who swapped will be stronger as well. As the line in ‘Steward Little’ comes to mind “Today’s the day!”

JCNoble:  yada as i said I hope you are correct. With that in mind when do you see RV occurring? Please use some other measure than “soon”. thanks, this is a serious question.

Yada:  jcnoble, we are watching it take place NOW.  From where we sit, we are the last to see it but consider the 99% of the people who never invested at all, they dont and wont see anything because they are distracted with other stuff.

Yada:   Imagine being on the outside and not knowing what is going on until they read it in the news,,,this event will not reveal we’ve been to the bank but they will see greater surges in our stock market and interest rates given the ultra wealthy….US

Yada:  All that is at risk for not going, doubt very much we are going to let this deteriorate. All that has been done and the celebration they are having on Saturday,,,,,,Hint hint,,, cant say they are independent or sovereign without an increased rate…imo

JCNoble:  Before the 15th?

Yada: I’m of the mind the 15th came up as a result of the many reforms they are initiating that require the “increased” rate. They’ve backed themselves into a corner and now it’s time to get off the pot. RI are part of the reforms and the first move to implementation

JCNoble:  I think for several here is the issue is going to the bank and when that will occur. The “stretching out” of that has reached ad nauseam. I understand you not saying yes or no. Time will tell. Have a blessed day

Yada:  LOL,,,Not saying we were being manipulated but our agenda is not even on their list of considerations. As Tony has stated in the past, we are part of the “just so happens” because like all currency exchanges in the past, the only involved nations and certain wealthy individuals.

Speedy:  Yada, many of us have told many hundreds of people and dismissed as crazy or to good to be true. Those that believe will be rewarded.

Yada:  We are part of the mix. We are the icing on the cake that others will see while countries and the meat of the cake. And like Speedy just stated, our perseverance will pay off,,,,I’m super excited for what we are seeing manifesting before us now!

Fuze:  Yada I agree, its a hard sell when a nation claims it’s statehood and sovereignty internationally in a publicized NATIONAL HOLIDAY and it’s currency is valueless and not accepted internationally!!!

CharlieOK:  I sure hope whoever is in control of this doesn’t squander a time of relative peace and stability in Iraq to get the dinar revalued. I have been in this too long not to know that Iraq can blow at any time.

RVAlready:  This seems to have gone to the point where economic triage was necessary. Sorry that it has to get to this point before things get fixed.

Red:  just heard we are close… ptb are in a state of flux