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Gtxnote:  Does white papers equal rv?

Hijack:  The white papers were one of the steps.

Oldmanonthe river:  Hopefully, Parliament will make quick work of the white papers.

Mobius:  “Quick” is NOT in the Iraqi vocabulary

Alf:  quick ,fast, high speed, terminal velocity, light speed don’t exist in their dictionary.

Soma:  Twitter is reporting that Iraq Cabinet approves the White Paper for economic and financial reform

Annie68:  Does the full Parliament have to vote on this, or is it a done deal now??

Dakotaman:  annie68 according to rvalready it is not a law so parliment wouldn’t have anything to do with it…. but truth is IDK

RVAlready:  Parliament does not get to vote on it, but they will see it tomorrow….

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil up as robust China trade data offsets returning supply … Brent Crude $42.38

Tishwash:  The Council of Ministers issues several decisions, including the white paper and farmers {expanded}

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held its regular session chaired by the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which a number of issues and topics included in the agenda were discussed.

The government statement stated, “Al Furat News” received a copy of it, “The Minister of Health and Environment presented, at the beginning of the session, a detailed report on the latest developments in the Corona pandemic in Iraq, and the government’s efforts to contain the virus, reduce infection and death rates throughout the country, and efforts The Ministry of Health is concerned with providing the necessary treatments and health supplies to all hospitals, as well as continuing awareness campaigns for taking the preventive measures that must be adhered to.

The statement added, “During the session, the reform white paper was discussed, as the Minister of Finance presented the final report of the emergency cell for financial reform in Iraq, which includes immediate plans to get out of the current financial crisis, and explained the contents of the white paper and its ability to achieve the advancement of the country’s economy Various problems, and faces serious challenges, and the white paper is enough to address many of the defects that have accumulated over many years.

He pointed out that “after discussing what is included in the agenda, and what the discussions concluded about it, the Council issued the following decisions:

First / Approval of the White Paper for Economic and Financial Reform, taking into consideration the opinion of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and the comments of the Council of Ministers.

Second / Extending the exception granted to the Ministry of Health, according to the decision of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety (9 of 2020), and the decision of the Council of Ministers (42 of 2020), regarding the Ministry of Health exemption from the instructions for implementing government contracts (2 of 2014) and its attached controls, and instructions for implementation The federal general budget upon its issuance, and in order to eliminate the Corona pandemic, to ensure the provision of medicines, supplies, and medical and laboratory devices without delay

Third / Approval of the recommendation of the committee formed under the Diwaniya Order (34 of 2020), and the Diwani Order (247 of 2020), which includes:

– Authorizing the Ministry of Transport to negotiate the Baghdad train project with a consortium (Alastom-Hyundai), at the cost and period that will be determined based on the outputs of the report that will be submitted by the consultant, who will evaluate the proposal submitted by the two companies’ consortium, and what will be reached through negotiations between the two sides, The issue was later presented to the Council of Ministers.

Fourth / Approval of the following:

1 – All creditor ministries and government agencies to provide the two ministries of (trade and agriculture) with lists with a CD containing the debts owed to them by farmers, to set off the peasants ’dues and those debts and transfer them from the ministries of commerce and agriculture to the creditors.

2- All ministries and government agencies fail to fulfill the principal debts owed by farmers, and cancel the late benefits due on them, for those who have debts owed by government agencies equal to or greater than amounts, and are required to pay them in light of the payment of their dues from government institutions.

3- The farmers who marketed strategic crops (wheat, barley, rice, corn) opened accounts for them at the Agricultural Bank.

4- The Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture released the amounts owed to farmers to their accounts at the Agricultural Bank.

5- The Ministry of Agriculture supplies farmers and farmers with seeds and fertilizers, provided that the Ministry of Trade pays its sums to the aforementioned ministry.  link