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Tuesday update for October 13, 2020

Parliament also announced  meeting with the blocs to review the final completion of Article 140.

A key concern regarding Parliament’s meeting today stated approval of the white papers, which have economic and financial reforms, and is the number one priority. This will end the financial crisis in Iraq.

An Iraqi bank contact expects the 3rd and final reading to be on Saturday,  before a vote is taken.

Lakerfan:  Can the rv happen prior to the 3rd reading on Saturday?

CharlieOK:  Again, we see that we can’t rely on anything coming out of Iraq. There is always dueling articles, info, and ways to continue kicking the can. I truly hope it is disinformation that the white paper reforms and Article 140 issues are not finally settled.

Briona:  Progress is being made, just at Iraqi pace. Something we just have to sit back and accept

CrileyHome:  Council of ministers approves White Papers 


Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance Reporter: The financial situation in Iraq is going to unknown if economic reform is not implemented

The Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed today, Wednesday (October 14, 2020) that the financial situation in Iraq will go towards the unknown, in the event that reforms are not implemented .in the country

Al-Saffar said in a press statement, “The Finance Committee held a meeting yesterday with Finance Minister Ali Allawi, and the experts who worked on preparing the report and we received the reform paper from the minister, which is for “.the first stage, and it was called the White Paper

He added, “The Finance Committee has received the paper, and it will take the required time for the paper and the ” .rationality of the measures taken by the government.”

The current financial crisis He pointed out that “this paper differs from what was previously mentioned , because it was a condition of approval of the borrowing law and the arrival of the fiscal deficit financing law. The basic condition for it was that reforms should “.be made, and if the reforms are not implemented, the financial situation is heading towards the unknown

He pointed out that “the paper includes a good reading of the financial situation and the reasons that led to these “.crises, and the stages in them are reasonable, through the reform of public expenditures and public revenues   link


LifeBPerfect:  Mnuchin to Visit Middle East for First Time Since Pandemic Began

By Saleha Mohsin and Josh Wingrove   October 13, 2020, 4:18 PM CDT

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin plans to travel to the Middle East next week for the first time since the pandemic, as prospects dimmed for the U.S. stimulus legislation he’s been negotiating.

Mnuchin is tentatively expected to travel to Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, although the plans could still change, people familiar with the plans said, speaking on condition of anonymity as preparations continue. Mnuchin, who has visited the region at this time of year annually since 2017, is set to meet with counterparts.

The trip by one of Donald Trump’s most influential cabinet secretaries comes as the president touts Israel’s normalization of relations with Bahrain and the UAE — agreements the administration helped broker. Trump and his allies have hailed them on the campaign trail as a breakthrough in peace talks, though details are thin.

Mnuchin has tested negative daily since a Covid-19 outbreak struck the White House, with Trump, his wife and several senior aides falling ill. Mnuchin typically takes precautions including masks and social distancing in events that don’t involve Trump. The Treasury Department declined to comment.