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Tishwash:  Member of Parliamentary Finance: The White Paper does not require a vote by Parliament

On Thursday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, described the “white paper” announced by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi as a “road map and strategic vision” to solve the economic crisis in Iraq, while noting that it “does not need” a vote by the House of Representatives.

Cougar said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The white paper is a road map and a strategic vision to solve the economic crisis, not the immediate emergency financial crisis, as what was included in the paper is a reform vision of the economic situation of the Iraqi state in a comprehensive manner,” indicating that “this needs to be A long time, up to three years, as the government itself made clear. ”

He added Cougar, “The Parliamentary Finance Committee agreed to borrow and demanded a reform paper. It was clear in its demand that a paper be prepared to solve the current crisis instead of borrowing again, not as the white paper sent from the government that came to correct the economic path of the state went to him.”

He continued, saying that “the white paper is not a law to be read and voted on inside the parliament, rather it is a government vision to correct the economic process and does not need comprehensive votes, but if it includes specific details, it needs legal legislation, and then comes the role of the Parliament,” pointing to That “if the government wants to reduce salaries, for example, then it will need a parliamentary vote in order to amend laws in force.

Confirmed Cougar “The Finance Committee will study the white paper and include its vision with it, in addition to seeing the political blocs and returning it to the government. At that time, reform remains the responsibility of the executive body, while the parliamentary role is limited to monitoring, legislation, assisting the government and providing solutions to it, and it is the decision-maker with approval or rejection.”   link

Crileyhome:   Iraq Cabinet APPROVES White Paper

Iraq Cabinet approves white paper



Baghdad-Al-Sharqiya October 15: A member of the Economic and Investment Committee, Riad Al-Tamimi, warned of the seriousness of what he described as the legal corruption represented by the currency sale window, which wastes millions of dollars annually.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Sharqiya News that the Iraqi parliament is ready to support the government in its efforts to reform and implement the terms of the white paper, stressing the need for the government to start serious steps towards ending corruption in state institutions.   link


Tishwash:  Governor of the Central Bank: We have started implementing the terms of the reform paper for the banking sector

Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb al-Kuttab revealed that there are efforts to ensure domestic price stability.

In a statement, the authors emphasized that the future vision for the work of the Central Bank of Iraq is centered in light of the economic crisis through the goals it seeks to achieve and defined according to its law, which provides for ensuring the stability of domestic prices and promoting a stable financial system based on competition, to continue achieving the strategic goals set In a plan two thousand sixteen two thousand and twenty

He added that the bank recently proposed the terms of the reform paper for the banking sector, which has been initiated now, due to its importance in developing banking services and products in the next stage, indicating that this step comes within the framework of enhancing confidence in the banking sector and improving the quality of services provided to the public.  link