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Tishwash: Central Bank: The governor will consider removing Iraq from the European Union’s list of high risks

The Central Bank of Iraq announced today, Sunday, that Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Mekharif will discuss, while accompanying the Prime Minister on his visit to France, Germany and the United Kingdom, removing Iraq from the European Union’s high-risk list.

A statement issued by the Central Bank received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that “terrifying, accompanied by a high-level government delegation headed by the Prime Minister, participated in a visit to France, Germany and the United Kingdom.”

He added, “It is scary that he will meet during the four-day visit with counterparts to discuss a number of common issues, especially removing Iraq from the European Union’s high-risk list as well as discussing the development of banking relations and financial investment between Iraq and these countries; Because of its economic weight in Europe and the world.  link

EJ:  I think Iraq wants to keep people confused with all their articles. One says one thing and another says the opposite. When is this ever going to stop?

Alf:  It’ll stop when the world in one voice tells Iraq where to go and what to do with it’s currency!


Tishwash:   Allawi admits the difficulty of handling the financial crisis

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, acknowledged the difficulty of dealing with the financial crisis that is hitting Iraq as a result of falling oil prices and high public spending.

Allawi said in a press statement seen by Al-Iktissad News, that tackling the important economic challenges is not easy, and the current crisis is not emerging today and is not related to this government, indicating that the country’s economy needs real and radical reform and long-term plans to overcome the crisis, stressing the need for integration in work Between the authorities to achieve what we seek .

The minister stated that the reform paper adopted by the current government aims to restore balance to the Iraqi economy, and put it on a path that allows the state to take appropriate steps in the future to develop it into a diversified dynamic economy that creates opportunities for citizens to live a decent life .

He stressed that the current stage should witness more cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities in a way that serves the interest of the country and the citizen, pointing to his keenness to hold continuous meetings with the parliamentary committees and representatives, as this communication reflects positively on the course of the situation in Iraq .

He pointed out that mismanagement and absolute dependence on oil revenues is what brought us to the situation that we are currently witnessing, and we seek to address it by working to activate the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism, investment and others to maximize the country’s imports link