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OldManontheriver: I know Tony said the won’t happen till they are back in country. That is supposed to be Wed night. Is that right?

Fuze:  Oldman…he rightly said its not likely or he does not expect it with the PM and CBI director out of the country…I certainly agree there first full day home in Iraq would be Thursday.

Annie68:  The Prime Minister will be back in Iraq tomorrow.

Briona:  Frank26 says the CBI has the ball in its court. Has called for Iraqi bankers to Baghdad for a meeting. Lower Denominations out Friday and Saturday for display in the banks. Telling citizens to come in and open accounts

OldManonthe river:  Thursday could be a good day, maybe.

Tishwash:  Al-Kazemi: We are determined to overcome the wrong financial policies

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, met today, Tuesday, a number of heads of German companies in Berlin, on the second leg of his current European tour.

Al-Kazemi explained the level of challenges facing the Iraqi economy due to the Corona pandemic and the decline in oil export revenues, as well as the Iraqi government’s relentless efforts to transform this crisis into a starting point and success that would advance the reality of the Iraqi economy.

Al-Kazemi said, during the meeting: The unilateral dependence on oil exports has left its negative effects on the economy, but we are determined to overcome many wrong financial policies, and that benefiting from the successful experiences of others, especially the German experience, will contribute to consolidating this goal.

He added that the Iraqi government is working with focus and race against time, to implement financial and administrative reforms, and the white paper presented by the government comes to outline a realistic path that contributes to overcoming crises and achieves development by making use of youth energies in various fields.

The Prime Minister also indicated, during his speech, that Iraq has an accumulation of confidence in the work of German companies and successful partnerships with them, and is working to provide a safe investment environment that supports the private sector, closes corruption gates and opens the door openly to long-term, established reforms  link