In TNT 

KMan:  .‘Demands not met’: Anti-government protests resume in Iraq Hundreds of protesters gathered in Baghdad, southern provinces, demanding reforms and end to corruption……

Briona:  Too much progress has been made in Iraq to blow it all up with riots. Even though everything they wanted done, has not met their timeline, I can see the demonstrations as being peaceful. Now if they can control Iranian backed militia and individuals there to stir up problems, things should go smoothly.

Lioness2:  Family not because it hasn’t happened yet means it won’t happen. We are here! It is done! Watch what they DO not say!

RED:  LOOKING VERY GOOD, PROGRESS IS IN THE MAKING!, this is like a fresh canteen of water being given to a person in the middle of the desert…

Hoodie:  I am believing that someday Iraq and all the middle east will love their people as much as they hate us.