In TNT 

Wrider22:  My kids are going to think I’ve lost my mind after I told them last week “Get ready, this is it!”

Yada:  wrider22, and when it finally does get exposed and we can go to the banks, they will not believe us,,

Moneymerge:  everything looks really good?

Yada:  I still think it is moneymerge,,,,just because it didn’t go YET doesnt mean the conditions for it to go changed,,they are still on a tight string ready for a release

Moneymerge:  yada, I’m afraid of the rioting, hope it doesn’t disturb things

Yada:  turns out it is not rioting but demonstration,,big difference,,,they were acknowledging the deaths that took place at this last year when they did riot,,,,it would be similar to us acknowledging our 9-11 victems. Also believe the elements who would try to cause trouble have had their wings clipped do the likely hood has decreased,,,but still the GOI and the CBI know they are not out of the woods yet

Yada:  too many agreements are still on the table, too many countries who traded currency with Iraq are expecting an increase for their versions of stimulus, and our goverment will not allow them to drop the ball, especially since Iran, the main characters holding this up previously, are not coming to heel

GTCNote:  So many weeks… years of no change of rate.

Yada:  gtcnote,,yes, the rate has not changed but WE DINARANS have been sitting on the frontline and experiencing our version of “Birth of a Nation!

Yada:  The minute details we would necessary consider because of our paygrades and even a previous corrupt nation, has gotten it together,,,after the release we may never give them another thought but in the days to come when others say this never happened, we will be the witnessess that it did,,every day with 15% added to our accounts,,,LOL