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SusanaC:  Come on Down RV…the RATEs are still blank on screens…THIS is goooooood

Annie68:  Supposedly the Treasury wants us in and out by the 10th? Let’s get moving!!

Alf:  haven’t we heard that before?

Dizzyob:  We have heard it all before… let’s hope this is the last time

Alf:  Let’s get this train out of the station!

BigDaddy: November ….Will This Be Our Month?   Time Will Tell !!!!!

Tishwash:   Central: He went to create solid financial institutions

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed the trend to create solid financial institutions, supporting the country’s active economic activities.

Integration and pluralism

He pointed out that “the central bank does not accept the existence of sagging in the Iraqi banking system, and supports the increase of capital after verification of its integrity, as it supports the processes of establishing the banking sector through the integration and multiplicity of products offered to the public  Customers.”

Advanced services

“Efforts are continuing towards developing performance and creating an effective banking body that supports efforts to develop the national economy, through a range of products that are constantly being developed, to provide advanced services that reach all segments of society in line with the financial inclusiveness trends recommended by the Central Bank,” he said.

He added that “the Bank is working in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank and has worked to support smEs with effective economic viability, in a move aimed at providing jobs for the largest segment of  Al-Shabaab.”

Important projects

“Achieving a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a number of important projects, where the trend was to grow soybeans in Iraq for the first time and areas covering the country’s need for this material, which is imported from markets outside the country, where experiments proved the success of the cultivation of this important crop inside Iraq, as is the work on the textile agriculture project in Holy Karbala and simple conversion projects such as the production of derivatives, Milk.”

He warned that “the success of the bank’s work requires the formation of governance and specialized committees that follow up the mechanisms of work and the paths of performance improvement in the form, which enhances trust between the banking system and the public, after there has become a big gap in this Side.”  link