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Ify:  Iraq needs the Rate for this conference on November 19, 2020:

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Tishwash:  Basra: A world famous hotel is preparing to open its first branch in Iraq

On Monday, the Basra Investment Commission announced the continuation of work on 9 investment projects in the hotel sector with the latest international standards to receive guests, delegations, conferences and festivals held in the province.  

The Chairman of the Authority, Alaa Abdul-Hussein, said in a statement to the official agency affiliated with “People” (November 2, 2020), that “we have nine investment projects in the hotel sector whose cost exceeded $ 200 million) and among these projects is the (Grand Millennium Al-Seef) Hotel, which is run from Before the Millennium Company, it is the first “Grand” in Iraq, the eighth in the Arab world, and the eleventh in the world, and is classified as a five-star.

He added, “The hotel will be built on an area (18 thousand square meters) at a cost of more than $ 73 million and contains 455 rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, presidential suites, halls, in addition to sports facilities, shops with international brands and office building.”  

Abdul Hussein added, “These hotel projects will provide more than 1200 hotel rooms with the latest international specifications to contain guests, delegations, conferences and festivals held in the province, such as cultural, artistic and economic festivals,” noting that “Basra will witness in the coming days the opening of the Basra International Airport Hotel after the dam’s closure More than three decades, whose investment cost exceeds $ 11 million, to add more than 100 hotel rooms of varying specifications, as the hotel will enable Basra International Airport to qualify as a transit airport like other international airports.    link