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Tishwash:  Good question’: What are 7 billion doing in the tax authority building … revealed by Major General Bohan!

The head of the Integrity Commission, former Judge Rahim Al-Aqili, was surprised on Tuesday that there were “billions” in the tax authority, following the announcement of the civil defense, to save seven billion dinars from the fire that the building was exposed to.

Al-Oqaili said in a blog posted on “People” (November 3, 2020), that “financial and accounting instructions prevent any amount from being kept with the employees at the end of the official working hours for each day, that is, the received sums must be deposited immediately in banks and may not be kept in departments or In its offices or with the employees, “indicating that” these are strict instructions and there is no room for violating them for fear of embezzlement of these sums. ”

He added, “We want an explanation for the existence of this large sum at the headquarters of the General Tax Authority, and how it has not been deposited in the bank since yesterday, and is this a normal practice and what is the reason behind it ??, (The fire causes misfortunes sometimes).”

Earlier, the Civil Defense Directorate attributed the causes of the fire to the Tax Authority to an “electrical short.”

The Director of the Civil Defense Directorate, Major General Kazem Bohan, said, in a statement to the official agency, followed by “People” (November 3, 2020), that “the accident occurred on the fourth floor of the building and it contains computers,” noting that “(the servers) are secured and they have copies. Backup files. ”

Bohan added, “According to witnesses, the accident occurred after the building’s generator was turned on, which is likely to be the cause of the fire an electrical short.”

He pointed out that “forensic evidence exists to collect samples for the purpose of examination,” pointing out that “there are cash funds that were in the bank inside the body, and they were saved, with a total of 7 billion and 900 million dinars.”

“The funds were handed over to the company’s management in the presence of their general manager, and their accounts and financial control,” he added.

He explained that “the accident is over, but there are minor cooling operations, and no casualties have been recorded.”

For its part, the General Tax Authority said, earlier today, that the fire broke out in its center as a result of an electrical short, and led to the burning of the secondary ceilings in the office of the General Director and his assistants and a small part on the fourth floor / Computer Department.

The authority stated in a statement that “People” received a copy of it (November 3, 20209, that “the fire was controlled without major losses, and all electronic devices, computers and files were isolated in the administrative section and under the direct supervision of the general manager, assistants and department directors.”   link


Tishwash:  Mulla Talal: The government is awaiting the passage of a borrowing law to start paying employees’ salaries

Ahmed Mulla Talal, the media spokesman for the Prime Minister, said that the government is awaiting the approval of the law to cover the fiscal deficit “borrowing”, by Parliament to start disbursing the salaries of employees.  link