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Suggar:  Remember we’re celebrating the holiday today

Phantom809:  I looked at every calendar I have and I have many and none of them indicated Monday as a holiday.

Tishwash:  November 11th, 2020 Veterans Day 2020 will be on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020. As a federal holiday Veterans Day is typically observed on November 11th every year..

Tishwash:  Like everything else in 2020 it’s weird they are observing Veteran’s day on WEdnesday this year

Annie68:  Veterans day is always observed on Nov 11th, no matter what day of the week…Just like Christmas!

Annie68:  Marks the end of WW2..11th month, 11th day at the 11th hour.

Tishwash:  Will the government pay my October and November salaries together, at the beginning of next week?

The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected, on Sunday 08/11/2020, to reduce the amount of borrowing in the draft law on financing the fiscal deficit to 15 trillion and vote on it at the end of this week, while it indicated the possibility that the government would pay the salaries of employees for the months of October The first and November immediately after the law was passed

Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar said in an interview that “the deficit financing law, which is expected to be passed at the end of this week after its second reading, is expected to be limited to the amount included in it to secure the necessary needs, such as salaries of employees and retirees, social care, medicines, ration cards, and farmers’ dues in addition to To some payable debts, “indicating that the amount expected to be voted is between 10 to 15 trillion.”

He added, “The amount that Parliament will vote on in the bill to finance the fiscal deficit amounts to between 10 to 15 trillion to cover the monthly deficit of 3 trillion and a half trillion for three months.”

He pointed out, “The possibility that the government will pay the salaries of employees for the months of last October and November this year, immediately after the vote on the bill, that is, early next week  link