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Tishwash: Parliament .. Hosting the bank’s governor to find out the fate of 180 billion dinars per month, currency auction profits

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed, on Tuesday, that the Central Bank obtained monthly profits of 180 billion dinars from the auction of selling the currency, indicating that it will host the governor of the bank tomorrow, Wednesday, to know the fate of that money and suspicions of corruption in it .

A member of the Integrity Committee, Khaled Al-Jashami, said, “Iraq receives monthly amounts of more than 3 billion dollars from the sale of oil, which are imports .”

He added that “these sums are sold monthly at a currency auction, the 100 dollar denomination of paper to the banks, for 119 thousand dinars,” noting that “the price of the 100 dollar bill achieves 6 thousand dinars .”

“The total profits from selling the dollar at the auction sell the currency reach 180 billion dinars every month, and it is supposed to return to the state treasury to benefit from it by securing the salaries of employees and others, ” Al- Jushami said .

He added that the committee decided to host tomorrow the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and to know the fate of that money and suspicions of corruption that hover around the currency auction. link


Tuesday UPDATE for November 10, 2020

Monday’s banker’s meeting results: They were told that the “exchange madness” should subside by (or before) Thanksgiving!