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Tishwash: Ministry of Finance announces the launch of employees’ salaries

On Thursday, the Ministry of Finance announced the launch of employees’ salaries for the month of October

The ministry said, in a statement that Alsumaria News received a copy of, that “our departments and banks have been directed for the purpose of launching the funding of the salaries of ministries and unrelated entities for the month of October starting from Sunday,” noting that “the Minister of Finance directed the Accounting and Budget departments to start the procedures for launching Salaries of state employees for the month of October

And the ministry called on all banks to “resume their work for the purpose of providing the necessary liquidity to strengthen the banks affiliated with them in the provinces for the purpose of disbursing salaries.

The House of Representatives voted, at dawn today, Thursday, on the borrowing bill, which the government sent to cover the salaries of employees.  link