In TNT

Annie68:  Good morning!! Friday the 13th…May it be our luckiest day ever!!

DaisyJo:  Can anyone say what’s so exciting?

Dinara:  It will be whether Irainian Rial will go this basket depending on the sanctions imo..It might not!

Red:  I think the U.S. Treasury will hold their currency up until they come into line with the plan…I also think it will Rv along with the other 6 currencies in the first basket….we will get our funds

Red:  the US govt will put the Rial in a non intrest bearing account and hold it till they prove they are ready to comply…the US govt will put the Rial in a non-interest bearing account , wink wink

Bashful:  Red US govt will put my Rial in a non-interest bearing account? explain please!

Red:  bashful ok, let me try. Since the Rial is in the first basked we (currency holders) would all exchange and get paid, I think the Feds would in turn hold back all of Iran’s money and only release it to them when they (Iran ) submits to the global expectations of them no longer being a threat to peace in the normal world. Meanwhile the USA would hold Iran’s currency in a non-interest bearing account. wink wink…

Dinara:  Why would the government put my Iranian Rial in a non-interest bearing account?   For revalue later?

Red:  Dinara. I stated that we would exchange and GET PAID, only the Feds would wait…

Tishwash:  Representative Finance: We are working to provide an integrated vision to address the economic and financial deterioration

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced that it is working on providing an integrated vision for developing quick and realistic solutions to address the economic and financial deterioration in the country.

A statement of the committee stated that the Al Furat News Agency received a copy, “Despite the great effort made by the Parliamentary Finance Committee to reduce the government spending gap from 41 to 12 trillion dinars in the deficit financing law that was recently approved, we renew our objection to continuing to pursue an alternative borrowing policy.

On finding real and effective ways and reforms to increase revenues and reduce expenditures, and what prompted us to accept this limit of borrowing is people’s livelihood and their strength in terms of salaries, grants, subsidies, medicine, support for farmers, provincial projects and other expenditures that we believe are of utmost importance and which are inevitable to accept.

He added, “While this law included some applicable legal texts, which we believe may be the beginning of reforming some financial institutions and movements in the short term, we are working on providing an integrated vision to develop quick and realistic solutions to address the economic and financial deterioration that the Iraqi state suffers from.” .

The Finance Committee called on “the government, with its various ministries and institutions, to adopt a policy that adopts economic feasibility as an attempt to achieve self-sufficiency, albeit partially, especially with regard to production or service ministries, and that it does not always make us face two options, either accepting the policy of borrowing or cutting off the livelihood of people from our great people  link