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Ulued:  I’m feeling alot like Christmas………so lets RV NOW

Ulued:  This GCR REVOLVER HAS Iraq in the first chamber and the hammer is cocked………if they wait too much longer we could end up staring al over again …which we all fear

Ulued:  So hope comes into to play with our strained patience… hang in there….all pressure is there to finish this….

Spankey:  Senate did not confirm Judy Shelton yesterday… reason cited because she was in favor of gold standard … Another reason why Judy Shelton wasn’t confirmed yet, was that a couple of Senators (R) are in quarantine and wasn’ able to vote, but they will vote soon


Tishwash:  The Secretary of State announces the results of a meeting with the American ambassador after the night of the missiles

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced the results of the meeting with the US ambassador, while asserting that the remaining US forces in Iraq are not fighting.

Hussein said in a press conference followed by “People” (November 18, 2020), that “we held an important meeting with the American ambassador and Iraqi military leaders to discuss the results of the strategic dialogue.”

He added, “The dialogue referred to the redeployment of US forces outside Iraq, and we stressed the schedule for withdrawal,” noting that “there are steps that have been implemented by the American side regarding reducing its forces in Iraq.”

The foreign minister stressed that “the remaining US forces in Iraq are not fighting,” noting that “the coalition forces came at the request of the Iraqi government.”

He explained that “future work with the American side continues in the field of intelligence information, military advice and training Iraqi forces,” noting that “a blatant attack on Al-Khadra is an attack on the Iraqi government and people.”

He pointed out that “our consultations are continuing with the American side based on the decision of Parliament,” stressing that “the withdrawal of 500 personnel from Iraq includes US forces only.  link


Tishwash:  The white paper. On the expert table.

The Iraqi Economic Council held an economic seminar to discuss the white paper presented by the government under the auspices of the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Finance Dr. Ali Allawi, Chairman of the National Investment Authority Ms. Suha al-Najjar, President of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce Mr. Salem Chalabi, Advisor to Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed al-Hakim, and a large gathering of economic organizations and unions.

“The theme of the seminar addressed the importance of the white paper and its preparation, and ways to promote the national economy, and the opinions of economists and specialists in the audience, in order to find the necessary solutions to change the paths of the national economy towards a better stage commensurate with Iraq’s economic capabilities,” said Ibrahim al-Massoudi al-Baghdadi, president of the Economic Council.

Employee productivity

Finance Minister Dr. Ali Allawi said: “In the first cabinet meetings we agreed to form a committee to deal with the financial crisis consisting of five people and the committee began working on the white paper in cooperation with five other Iraqi experts and the nucleus of the white paper preparation committee was 10 people and then expanded to 40 people, as we started after the historical narrative of the reasons for the deterioration of the economic situation by analyzing the causes of the problem of the problem of the decline in the productivity of the Iraqi employee and pointing to the continuous declines in the Iraqi economy until the state became lost control of its finances, and we reached the result in the result.

To approve more than 450 actions that must be taken to achieve the goals and treatments of the white paper, as well as the existence of supplements that will be issued for the white paper.”

Software policy

For his part, Iraqi Economic Council member Ghadir al-Attar proposed adopting a program policy for ministries and the completion of each institution is reviewed monthly and quarterly, thus the Cabinet evaluates the work of the ministries accurately, which contributes to the rationalization of government spending and achieves the objectives that have been set the programs, as well as addressing the issue of the automotive industry as representing the automotive industry through Zsco production car manufacturer such as Volvo and Isuzu as well as the production of sedans.

“The serious damage to the introduction of damaged cars on the safety of citizens and the need to encourage the new car industry to have a positive impact on the national economy and its operation of thousands of labor workers will be submitted to the Minister of Finance for information,” he said.

Implementing reforms

“The philosophical framework of the white paper includes a time area of five years, and in our opinion the white paper is a road map for Iraq’s economic problems and not a radical solution to all the problems and obstacles in the Iraqi economy, and there must be a real will and consensus to implement the reforms and measures mentioned in the paper,” he said.   link