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Tishwash: The Constitutional Amendments Committee confirms that there is no agreement to amend Article 140

The Parliament’s Constitutional Amendments Committee confirmed that it was unable to find a formula that would satisfy the parliamentary blocs with regard to Article 140 concerning the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil.

The reporter of the Constitutional Amendments Committee, Saeb Khadr, said in a press conference held at the parliament building that “the committee held an important meeting today in order to present its final report to the parliament presidency next week,” indicating that “the meeting was devoted to discussing the amendments proposed by the representatives, as well as discussing Article 140 and this. The article has different opinions on the part of the political forces and other components. ”

He pointed out that “the views of the parliamentary forces on Article 140 were divided between abolition, amendment and retention.”    link

Tishwash:  Economic success depends on supporting national production

The specialist in economic affairs, Abdul Hasan Al-Shammari emphasized that economic success stems from adopting tight economic construction mechanisms that support local activities that promote national production, adding that “starting the process of economic development requires determining imports in order to build small and medium industries, which in turn require determining dependence on people with expertise in The Iraqi market is one of specialists in the field regarding trade, industry and agriculture.

He pointed out to “the importance of relying on economists to provide quality advice that contributes to the success of the productive sectors, provided that the private sector has a prominent role in the process of activating national production.   link


Mot: This Special Event Happened on ‘Christmas 1915’

Christmas 1915 World War One. Legend has it that on Christmas Day 1915, soldiers from both sides of the trenches in World War One met up in No-Man’s-Land for a game of football. … Bertie Felstead recalled that the Germans probably were already out of their trench before the British got out.

We are officially in the Holiday Season! Here is our most popular Christmas song, it is called ‘Christmas 1915’     Hope you are all having a great week!