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Zimbabwe Unzips A Huge Wallet! – Humanitarian program puts money directly into citizens’ hands

November 29, 2020

After decades of debilitating sanctions, Zimbabwe is set for……..RESET. People the world over are registering by the millions for a humanitarian program that is guaranteed to shift the poor into a new wealth status and put power into their hands to maintain it.

The People, a trust organization, has launched HIPP (Humanitarian Intervention Prosperity Plan) that will credit all adults who register with $100,000 spending power via the World Economic RESET app. RESET is an online digital wallet app.

Though account holders may initially be limited to one thousand units spending per month, the deposited 100,000 units credit is an immediate economic status changer.

United human capital and a consumer-owned market guarantees an eternal wealth flow. Once underwritten with enough resources to jumpstart a local self-sustaining system, this economic engine of The People will drive itself.

The financial underwriting is in place and fuel from producers such as Venezuela are awaiting the united will of the people which is the ultimate social-political power of all nations.

For example, if the people of Zimbabwe unite into one entity with common economic interest of alleviating the current situation, then that entity can then demand that fuel is imported and distributed by them for collective benefit instead of benefit only to a few “highly connected” individuals.

The same goes for mining resources. The responsibility is on the people of Zimbabwe to work together not to select a political party for deliverance but exercise humanitarian intervention and deliver themselves with simple unity and trust.

This plan is being introduced to Zimbabwe via a trustee of The People; Ramzu Yunus, who introduced similar elements of this plan that was accepted by the late President Robert Mugabe but stifled by certain parties he refuses to mention.

“We have spoken months ago to and await word from the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa about plans of immediate alleviation of the fuel situation and other economic benefits,” says Yunus who continues; “imagine the people actually controlling and directly benefiting from the resources in a country as small but as wealthy as Zimbabwe, everyone will literally be millionaires!”

Ramzu Yunus thinks citizens of Zimbabwe will definitely join this win-win opportunity in which massive population is needed because of the inherent political power of the people to exercise this economic humanitarian intervention.

“It’s just registering for a FREE account with nothing at risk to lose besides poverty.” This confidence comes from a man who moved from America to Zimbabwe and lost millions due to hyper-inflation while trying to play a part in defeating human rights violations on Zimbabwe via United States’ illegal sanctions.

To put it simple, the people unite, take lawful control of the market and natural resources while such unity is leveraged to underwrite the financing of their “reset”. Interest groups and communities with farms and mining concerns needing investment in Zimbabwe should get involved immediately.

Smitty76Maybe a sign to start the GCR?

JudiBlueEyes:  that Zim info was fantastic! It certainly should put some pep in your step! Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!!! Who knows what is next? Maybe Zim could be the first to exchange? Any speculations? Hmmm

SusanaC:  1:1 zim:usd

MacManNYC: 1 to 1 that sounds amazing