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Tishwash: Baghdad and Erbil are accelerating the pace to resolve financial disputes

On Thursday evening, a meeting took place between the high-ranking delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which is visiting Baghdad, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, with the committee formed by the Iraqi Parliament authorized to negotiate and find an appropriate and constitutional solution to the problems between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government.

A statement by the regional government received by Shafaq News stated that the meeting witnessed a clear discussion of the causes of the problems and how to solve them for the sake of the citizens of the region and Iraq.

The head of the Kurdish delegation, Qubad Talabani, told the assigned committee that the regional government has shown all its preparations to deal with the financial rights and entitlements of the region in accordance with the constitution and applicable laws, expressing his readiness to reach an agreement.

The committee in charge of Parliament had held meetings with the competent Iraqi authorities and was busy preparing its recommendations in order to find an appropriate mechanism as soon as possible for the outstanding issues, especially the oil and financial problems.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the committee asked the region’s delegation to present its proposals and recommendations, in order for the parliamentary committee to be able to unite them with its plans in order to formulate an appropriate exit and provide facilities for defining the duties and rights of the Kurdistan Region in the 2021 budget.

It is scheduled that the Parliamentary Committee will hold its meeting during the next two days with the federal government in order to crystallize a way to solve the problems that are in the interest of both sides.

The region’s delegation arrived in Baghdad yesterday to resume talks with Baghdad with the aim of reaching a solution regarding financial disputes and the Kurdistan Region’s share in the financial budget for the next year.

Since last April, the federal government cut the salaries of Kurdistan Region employees, which put the Kurdistan Regional Government in a stifling financial crisis.  link


Tishwash:  Oil is approaching $ 51 a barrel

Oil prices extended their gains, and Brent crude rose more than two dollars to a session high of $ 50.96 a barrel.

Oil prices rose today, with some anxiety emerging in the market after a fire broke out in two wells in a small oil field in northern Iraq, in what the government described as a terrorist attack, but production was not affected.

Prices also rose, supported by the launch of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Britain and the imminent approval of a vaccine in the United States, which could stimulate a recovery in fuel demand, despite a large increase in US crude stocks last week.

Corona vaccination operations may begin soon, perhaps within days, in the United States, as a committee of advisors meets today to discuss whether it will recommend the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the emergency use of a vaccine produced by “Pfizer” and “Biontech”.

Analysts said: “The vaccine against Covid-19 is a major turning point. Among its many advantages, it will put an end to the decline in demand in the oil market, which has suffered from restrictions imposed by governments on movement.”    link