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Tishwash: In the open, the new generation accuses the Kurdistan authorities of stealing oil money

The head of the New Generation Bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, Kazem Faruq, accused the Kurdistan Regional Government of stealing oil money “in an open manner”, calling on citizens not to give up their rights.

In a statement received by IQNEWS , Farouk said, “The current authority in Kurdistan steals resources openly and clearly,” noting that “while the price of a barrel of oil was sold at $ 25, salaries were distributed once every two months and at a time when the price of a barrel of oil was (50) dollars and salaries are still paid once every two months. ”

Faruq called on citizens to “continue protests and demonstrations and not give up their rights until this current authority is ended and that oil money and other resources go to serve the citizens.”

And a member of the Future Bloc in Parliament, Sarkut Shams al-Din, admitted earlier in the day that the demonstrations that began in Sulaymaniyah province will not subside except by changing the political system in the Kurdistan region.


Tishwash:  Deputy: The demonstrations in Sulaymaniyah will not subside unless one condition is fulfilled!

A member of the Future Bloc in the Iraqi Parliament, Sarkut Shams al-Din, said, Saturday, that the demonstrations that began in Sulaymaniyah Governorate will not subside except by changing the political system in the Kurdistan region.

Shams al-Din said in a statement that “People” received a copy of it (December 12, 2020), “The Sulaymaniyah protesters only represent themselves, as they do not have any political leadership as some claim, and they do not want any party to represent them, regardless of their orientation.”

He pointed out that “the demonstrators want, through their demonstrations, to bring down the current political system in the region, and to bring a system based on democracy and concern for the people, away from the policy of silencing, secret prisons, illegal arrests and controversial assassinations.”  

Shams al-Din added, “The demonstrators want Baghdad to move towards holding Kurdistan region officials accountable for the oil and border crossings files, and to take the necessary measures towards the violations of human rights in the region towards critics of the authority’s policy there and the demonstrators alike, and its silence and neglect about what is happening there is sufficient. Over the past 17 years. ”

The Supreme Security Committee in Sulaymaniyah province confirmed, on Friday, that it continues to pursue the instigators of “unauthorized” demonstrations, as well as those who violate the law.

In a statement followed by People (December 11, 2020), the committee published a series of decisions dealing with the ongoing popular protests in Sulaymaniyah cities.

It reads as follows:

1 The Security Committee affirms that sabotaging the security situation, especially in Sulaymaniyah, is a red line, and that the continuation of demonstrations without a legal permit will have dire consequences.

2 The security forces have been granted new powers and plans to restore the situation as soon as possible to normal.

3 Arrests will continue for all those who incite unauthorized demonstrations and who cause damage to state property and citizens.

4 The media channels must be responsible for publishing news and covering it in a realistic manner and not defamation and incitement, and the committee will hold any media channel or institution to account in contradiction to the order.

On Friday, Sulaymaniyah Governorate witnessed a security alert and massive deployment of security personnel at the entrances and main streets, following a call by activists to renew protests in what they called “Friday of Solidarity and Continuity”, while the checkpoints at the governorate’s entrances prevented 4 opposition MPs from entering the city.

The “People Kurd” correspondent (December 11, 2020) stated that the governorate witnessed since the morning hours, a security alert, and an intense deployment of security forces around the governorate building.

This followed a call by activists, through social media, and statements to launch large protests, to condemn the killing of several demonstrators during the past days.

The call was issued by a body that identified itself as representing the protesters, and was made up of former politicians and MPs, in addition to activists, university professors, and book journalists.

These members pledged, through a statement that “PeopleCord” received a copy of, that they would “not nominate themselves and not assume any position in the future.”

Dozens of military vehicles were seen deployed in the governorate’s streets, near the local administration building, in preparation for any upcoming protest.

In a related development, MPs in the region’s parliament stated that checkpoints prevented them from returning from Erbil Governorate towards Sulaymaniyah to participate in the upcoming protests.

The deputies said, “The security authorities prevented them from entering the governorate, while they were on their way back to the city, coming from the Erbil governorate, through the main entrance.”

In a later development, the lawyer and former deputy, Peyman Jimmine, announced the arrest of a number of the organizers of the Friday demonstration, including Abdullah Al-Malanouri, the former deputy and his colleague Sherko Hama Jimin.

In a live broadcast on Facebook, from one of the checkpoints, MP Ali Hama Saleh said, “Repression is the master of the situation now, and this type of judgment will not last for long.”

About 8 people have been killed so far in the December protests in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, including 5 university students and two racists, in about 15 towns, while the number of wounded exceeded 50 according to medical sources.  link